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About Victoria

Vfit Victoria hutton

I  have always loved keeping fit and working out and decided to turn this enthusiasm and love into designing and leading VFit.

Outdoor classes are my preferred way to work. This allows my clients and I to appreciate our natural environment whilst working hard on those press ups and star jumps. The feel-good factor of exercising outside has now been scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health.

We are all different and enjoy or dislike some aspects of fitness, which is why my sessions are full of variety, why I make them welcoming to all and why I combine both challenge & fun.

I want to encourage people who are apprehensive about exercising. If you are consistent with an exercise programme you will see and feel considerable benefits in no time. Not only will you feel a personal reward every time you push yourself and complete a class, but you also create a healthier mind and body.

That ‘feel good feeling’ after a class – be it a meditative yoga class or an energetic bootcamp  – is second to none.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there’

Theodore Roosevelt

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