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'VFit works at every level, there’s no competition just loads of encouragement to do the best you can within your limits. The atmosphere and friendliness make me go back week after week.’

Elisabetta Costi


‘I was nervous about starting personal training as I have so many pre existing injuries but Victoria immediately put me at my eased developed a programme around what I could do. I am able to exercise without fear of hurting myself and love every minute of it. Love Victoria and can highly recommend her.’


Jane Ives



Don’t be fooled by Victoria’s friendly and gentle demeanour, she is tough. Victoria has created a lovely community with VFit. She welcomes all levels of fitness and more importantly caters to different abilities by scaling exercises and offering alternatives to make sure that everyone gets the most out of a class. I’d recommend VFit to anyone who wants some fresh air, a laugh and a bit of a challenge.’

Katherine Scheibli

‘I love VFit classes,  they are so varied and fun, you never know what will be coming next, it could be any combination

of boxing, abs, running & circuits. Victoria always tailors the exercises to everyone’s individual needs and even though you are in a group environment you feel like you are having a PT session. Victoria is extremely caring and that comes across in her teaching. She is happy to push you but always in an encouraging and supportive way.’


Emma Alleyne

'I have been coming to see Victoria for one to one PT sessions for 3 years and never looked back. What is great is that every session is different and she carefully tailors each session to your needs. She certainly challenges but that is what makes you fitter. Her Saturday morning group class is fabulous for that get up and go at the weekend with a great bunch of people. I would thoroughly recommend Victoria to anyone of any fitness level. She has even done sessions for my daughters’


Boo East Sheen

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